Even though I’ve added Obsidian to my tech stack, I still feel that Evernote kept a place in my ecosystem, as it is available virtually everywhere. The primary argument for Evernote is a web clipper that is great for research and noting things up. Obsidian is more like a true vault of internal links that operates more like me. And Evernote a junk drawer.

While I do plan on slowly exporting myself out of Evernote ecosystem more and more into my text files setup, I still feel value of it. Many people that are power users and influencers in the productivity space are neglecting it, because company doesn’t invest into advertising as much anymore. Other apps did catch up, but did not exceed its legacy systems.

I am not shrinking the amount of apps, at least not in this year. It is not time to simplify, as the usecases are exceeding the number of tools that I have. So I will see what will keep on living in my ecosystem organically. There is a good connection between Evernote and Obsidian, and both will work well with Omnifocus, so they can coexist and deliver value to you. I would only mention that Evernote will have a slight edge over the Obsidian due to some mobile advantages in my setup, but not by a big margin.

Besides these offline note taking tools, I feel exceptionally right about WordPress as my online, shared note taking platform. If you come to think about it, these posts are essentially notes that I share with friends, family and close audience.