Since Saturday I’ve gained massive motivation to write more and more. I’ve been doing micro-works on the topic of communication for the second issue of Alpha Efficiency Magazine, and I am happy with how things progress.

Perhaps all that thinking made a better communicator. Sometimes I feel lime I am very good at communicating, but on the other side I fully understand my inner flaws when interacting with other human beings.

Things that make me happy

Despite being very bored with Chicago, I feel that I am leading a fulfilling life. I go to my work, pay my dues, go to gym and keep in touch with my Serbian friends over Skype. And in the meanwhile I am going through a massive culturally enriching experience, as much as America allows me to.

Wrap up

Now I do understand that this article is a little bit disconnected, but that is the nature of the writer. More often than not I will produce completely unusable garbage, like this one, but it helps me liberate and open up the world to the sea of possibilities around me…