After a long while I’ve decided to start writing on marketing. More often than not I was wondering why I didn’t do this before. Making money online was the topic for those that actually did it, and when I began, I didn’t felt comfortable about writing more on this topic. So finally, 4 years later and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in Adwords, Bing and Facebook, I felt like my voice needs to be heard, loud and clear.

Unfortunately as I might be starting a bit late, there is an astonishing amount of experience resonating from me. Rarely do I speak about something, unless I can convey it with the outmost certainty. And finally that level has been reached, enabling me to channel thousands of hours spent optimizing landing pages, campaigns, ad copies and crafting content, keyword and social media strategies, as well as succesfully launching Alpha Efficiency Magazine

So without delaying you with why, how and what, here is my first article on the newly launched agency website. Covering the topic of: Building Leadership, Authority And Traffic With Social Media. If you are into marketing, or you are running a business, this article is something you absolutely must read.