As some of you may know already, I got involved with network marketing recently. No matter how good opportunity it might be, I am firm believer that it is not for everyone. And from the short experience that I have so far, I fell in love with it. Network marketing is amazing for certain type of people, and it helps people earn money while developing themselves at the same time. That is the nature of that business. Before you start considering network marketing opportunity presented to you, you need to pay attention to a couple of things:
1. Is the company you are working for legitimate one? The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself, is the product legitimate? If you would buy that product outside of the network marketing system, without much persuasion, or most people would and already do, than you got your answer. If you have to think much about it, than you might be dealing with the scheme or a fraud.
2. Who is the leadership of the company? If you have troubles finding who are the leaders of the company, than you might be dealing with a shady company. It should be easily available online, in just a couple of clicks. Any attempt of hiding any kind of information will be a strong indicator that something is wrong. The point is very well taken, if the energy of the top management is wrong, than that kind of energy will spread throughout the entire organization.
3. Are you excited about the product? Honestly think about the qualities of the product that you are promoting? Does it give you the chills down the spine, the fact that you will be able to have that product as an internal part of your life? Does it excite you to use that product? People who don’t use the product they are selling, are more often than not fakes. Good example of the passion for product are representatives of Herbalife. I know numerous former Herbalife representatives who continiue to use the product, long after they quit their career as a representative. If you would keep using the product, even after you stop your network marketing career, than you should be in the game for that product.
4. Do you like the person who invited you into the business? Incredible thing about network marketing is the strength of your mentor. Do you like your mentor? Do you know you can learn a lot from him? Do you know any of his previous accomplishments in life? Is he the kind of person, that in the case of failure of your current company, he would go out and build a new structure in another company? If answer is yes, than you have a good leader and a teacher above you.
5. Are you determined to succeed? Determination to succeed will largely determine your results in network marketing. People will always toss you the numbers that 90% of the people fail in this type of business. If you take a look at the numbers in the other areas of life, you will see the strange similarity. People fail all the time. Any business in life is determined by innovation of the leadership. In MLM you are the leadership of YOUR company. If you are a bad leader, that is going to reflect to all the people you recruit. Therefore self development and business skills are a must.
Be radically honest to yourself. This kind of work requires a lot of dedication in time. Anyone can do it, but not everyone is capable of doing it. I highly recommend that you evaluate yourself and your effort, before you start judging anyone else. I wish you luck in your network marketing business.