Think that one of the most difficult challanges you can face in life is observing your life from the current position. Especially when your goals are bigger than life. And I always feel like I am missing out on life. Because ultimately I do want to reach for the stars, and enable the lifestyle that is enabled for the very few. And for me, the past seven years have been about success and USA naturalization. One out of the two big goals has been succesfully achieved.

Feel like I’ve reached the shores of the promised land, but the land is a little bit less promised, and a little bit more complicated and uncertain. A bit more uncertain than I bargained for. But one thing that tells me that I will do well is my belief that I will figure it all out.

Being a far reaching thinker comes at a price, as your mind can get anxious. The biggest challange I’ve faced in my life, was giving up on the control over my destiny. I know that I can set the sails and chose the winds, and that’s all. You can only control, what you can control. No matter how imaginative I get, nothing in life moves, until other people move it. It is a dramatically different concept from believing in yourself and yourself only. In order to have a successful life, you need to learn to trust people. It is a big meshup of energies of all kinds, and you need to be able to control them and align them in the direction in which they create value.

It means you gotta put a lot of faith that things are going to go well. You gotta put some faith that things will turn out right.

I think numerous events that happened in my life, made my thoughts very fluid. I don’t dwell on one set of beliefs, and despite me hitting my 30ies, I have a feeling that I am evolving now at even faster pace. This fluidity is what drives me to see the world from an eye of an individual, their core beliefs, and reasons how they construct the reality. At one point, you feel how these different energies collide in the reality multiverse that exists between all of us. How fragmented individual and collective realities are. At some point, I started to develop almost a supernatural sense on how world moves energetically.

And I like this sense of feeling the world, because it is giving me the illusion of control, that comes out of knowledge.