Paperless is my reality, and when I see that people need someone to teach them how to go paperless, my mind explodes. I am so native to digital environment (I’ve been a computer user since I was 2 years old), and having things on paper, always felt painful. Paperless is not something I need to achieve, it’s something I am.

I don’t know how to handle paper, to me, that’s pure garbage. Any statements that I don’t get in my email are a pure hassle. Why would anyone want to receive those? So it feels that there is a disconnect between me and what other people are living through their own reality.

Think it also comes with extensive usage of Evernote, where I got into a habit of using document scanner on my iPhone. Everything gets fed in my database. I feel like I am better at putting stuff in, than pulling them out. Network your information internally for improved knowledge!