For a while I was thinking about niche website. I tried to find an idea, on the thing that I was passionate about a lot, and try and develop it into something of higher significance. More often than not the solutions to these kinds of questions are more obvious than we think, yet that obvious that we overlook them.
A friend of mine, in future reference he’s going to be referred to as Sarma, is playing World Of Warcraft. I used to be a passionate WoW player back in the days. It was my one time quick fix. It’s the market that I know how it breathes and thinks. I am in tune with that niche. And on top of that I have a product ready for sale.
Let me elaborate. WoW has a huge vanity factor attached to it. Who is more pro, and who’s got a bigger and longer e-penis. It’s a big ego clash, on who’s better player. In other words, a bunch of people stroking their virtual ego’s. But never the less, the fact that the ego is virtual, doesn’t make it any less smaller, than the actual ego, and doesn’t make it any less real.
I was being capable of playing 12+ hours a day, just to get the things done, that would move me ahead in the game. I was being ready to invest substantial and valuable time resources, because I was committed to succeed in the game. And succeed I did. But this time I am coming back to this game, because I see an opportunity, once again. Monetary opportunity, linked with a passion to gameplay of this amazing classic.
I believe that there is a gap in the market for the smart internet marketer to exploit, that is linked to the thriving 15 million people WoW community out there. People who are deeply entrenched into the digital world, and happily explores the Mists of Pandaria. A big group of people tied together with one goal: to ultimately feel better about themselves, through the time invested into their digital residual images of themselves.

So what’s my plan?

I’ve laid out the plan pretty fast, and immediately started the keyword research. And I’ve seen opportunities pretty much everywhere. One of those projects when you start with big vigor, and commit to building something that you are extremely passionate about.
While this project is not something that my parents would approve, as they wouldn’t find it productive. I think it’s something that can bring a lot of value back to the gaming community, and a bunch of monetary value back to me. My plan is to build a thriving community of players and WoW bloggers, while selling our products and services.
In the end, I will be doing something that I love, so it doesn’t really matter.