First of all, Happy Serbian new year to all my friends and family here, hope all of you had awesome night and great time. So after a good nightout of drinking cocktails I woke up groggy and pushed trough it and did my morning routine. I am being persistent at my habit building, so there is no excuse, if you decide something, you gotta do it. The moment I warmed up, I started to love mornings to death. Rush of blood started to wake up every single neuron trough my body, giving a new meaning to waking up. During my workout I am listening to podcasts, and I tend to listen to different people every day. This is exploding my creativity, because each day I am waking up with fresh ideas. When I finish with working out I proceed to making my protein or Herbalife shake and drink it with some fruits. Fresh fruits are awesome energy boost after your workout.

If you are into burning fat, first thing you do in the morning should be working out. Your liver is depleting your sugar levels while you sleep, so when you wake up, there are no Carbo-Hydrates to burn energy from, so your organism is going straight for your muscle tissue and fats. And fats are what we are targeting, but don't worry about muscle tissue if you are regaining it with your shake or healthy intake of proteins trough food. Personally I am to lazy to prepare food, that's something that I am leaving for February habit building. Here's the intro from one of my favorite movies "American psycho", this is how I want my mornings to look like more or less:

And it struck me today, that I was actually anxiously waiting to get other things done, so I can start writing. You have a blank piece of screen and you need to fulfill it with meaningful words that you are aiming to strike at peoples hearts, one way or another. Writing online is meaningful conversation between you and the rest of the web and possibly rest of the world. I know many blogs that were transcribed to books and resold afterwards. Blogging means a world to me and it allows virtually anyone to become a publisher in the matter of seconds.

How I became passionate about writing? I started keeping a journal at the age of 15. I still have it and read it occasionally. This journal held some of my most private thoughts, it's still precious book to me and I still tend to write in it. And at one point during my adolescence, privacy of my journal has been breached by my mother. It made me stop writing in it for quite a while, but I wanted to make sure that there aren't any eyeballs reading my thoughts that I didn't want to. So the paradox was that I "moved" my journal online and wrote it anonymously. It was on local blogging service, that featured new blogs and somehow I had some readers on it and I started reading a couple of people also. That blog was up and running for 4 whole straight years. It's still in function, but I tend not to publicly claim where it is, somehow it's still my "private" place although online. And I have hidden most of it's articles…

I was amazed that I had steady readership on it and I became reader of my readers also, leading me to making a couple of wonderful friendships in the process and a fling in foreign city. So after a years break, I got back to it, and this time I wanted to go public, with my name attached to it, straightforward and with me standing behind every word. So if you are reading this, and have a blog of your own, be sure to leave a comment so I drop by to see who you are. Don't be afraid, I won't bite you, at least not right away 🙂