I remember back in 2006, when I had my first internship. There wasn’t a lot of things to do, so I started my own blog. It was amazing experience back than. Blogs were more or less anonymous. People were just discovering the power of Internet, at least in Serbia. And I was there. Pioneering my way, writing whatever crossed my mind. I felt liberated. Because there were no reprecussions on what I’ve said there. That is the power of anonymous blogging. I am contemplating deeply about starting an anonymous blog.
I am wondering about your opinion though. Do you think that sometimes under the anonymous mask, we can feel more free and liberated to say the things that we truly feel, without the judgment and pressure from society. I am highly opinionated person. I can’t express myself fully, because of my profesional person. I am always available to work with everyone and have no intention of offending someone, at least not to the extent where that is socially considered true. Also that could affect my future employment. There is a huge stygma for people who have largely different opinions than what general public has.
Even if I came to run an anonymous blog, how long would it remain anonymous? My lifestyle is so open and so different that it would reach that point of becoming known who I am fairly easy. Oh, and the videos… I want to make videos huge part of my online presence. And I have no clue where to go about it. Video is even  scarier. I have an akward sense when I am standing in front of a camera. Even though largely I couldn’t care less about what people think of me, once it’s live I have a large conciseness of the judgmental people.
So there is a fine line of saying something sane and something insane on the web. And how it is going to be percieved by other individuals online. It’s diverse world out there. Some of the things that might be culturally acceptable here, totally might not be well received on the other end of the world. I am very self conciouss about this.
I am in a strange writing mode. I remember the days when I felt inadequate. The blog was the perfect medium to transmit that awkward feeling.  I believe that blog can have therapeutical moments.