Things are never finished, they are ever evolving, and in this evolutionary phase I need to learn to embrace a specific way I work. I find myself starting these big projects, yet not finishing them, and letting them linger.
I am a kind of person that gets side tracked and leave big things half finished or almost finished. The amounts of scatteredness I go through are intense, as I am involved with 100s of projects, but I won’t allow not to push my projects through as it was happening so far.
In the next phase of my own “production line”, I will let evolution take its course. I will hit that publish button no matter what…
Blogs are written for people that are actually reading the content, and I won’t sweat it just because things aren’t visually perfect, especially if they are delivering value. Blogs are fired up by RSS readers and searchers looking for more information. That’s exactly what I’ll be pushing out: more written content.