In recent announcements I noticed that Google started ranting on Apple and Facebook. On one hand, you already know that I love Apple, on the other hand I really don’t like Facebook. But there is a moment, where “holy” Google gets it wrong. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are characterizing that web should be open. Of course they want it to be open, that is how they built multi billion dollar business.
Here is the link to the comments for the Sergey Brin interview.
Now if we want to take freedoms in consideration, it’s Facebook business. It’s Apple business. If it pays off to be open, they will be open. They don’t need one Google to tell them what to do. All of the sudden, Google will emphasize everyone who is open “good” and everyone who is closed “Evil”. Well it’s not like that. And it shows the fear of your company.
Build your business accordingly. Many people took benefit of your  platform and made lots of money, but don’t chastize the people who don’t want to do business with you. Not everyone depends on your business model. And we the people, couldn’t care less wheather the platform is open or closed. Nothing evil about it. It’s a free market, if some people don’t like it, they can take their time and money elsewhere. Now that’s open that I am talking about.
So Google, please shut the f***k up, and don’t preach other people how they should build their own business. Especially when they are doing it better than you do.