Recently people that reach out to me, started to ask me to coach them, which is becoming interesting phenomena for me. I am coaching this awesome guy Brian Mickley about social media, he’s adjunct lecturer at University of Akrown Ohio and Stark State collage. I must say I am flattered to work with such astonishing person.
Also I am coaching a friend of mine, who is internet marketer, about productivity on computer. If any one of you read Robert Kyosaki, “Rich dad, poor dad”, they know the concept of self employment. It was ackward for me to charge for the services that are knowledge based, but if we consider that I am completely knowledge worker, that something which brings me the bread to the table.
So in my short coaching/teaching experience, I must say that it is exhausting work! You need to find time to prepare yourself for the “class”. It’s not only about pouring in the information, it’s about effectively teaching another person to best of your capabilities. The energy that you have is crucial element in this kind of work. Self confidence and good communication skills are a must for any coach.
Repetition is great way to make sure that your student actually learned something. This tool should be used frequently, especially with topics that are of great value to your client. When I was talking about Twitter and social media to Brian, I gave my best not only to teach him about Twitter, but what’s the best way on how to implement Twitter into his business philosophy and how it will bring him the maximum return for investment as minimal as possible.
If you are wandering of becoming a coach, I can assure you it’s rewarding profession. You aren’t generating all praised passive income, that everyone is about these days, but seeing your clients flourish with instant bursts of your accumulated knowledge is value, to yourself and others!
There is no better feel, than when your client says: “I am definitively getting my moneys worth!”