Find it hard to share my ambition publicly. But let’s assume it goes that high that I am afraid to talk about it. My friends know it. Somehow every time I talk about it, people around me tell me with certainty that I vibe off like a person that can pull it off. Think this triggers that expectation mentality in my head where it is expected of me to accomplish everything that I set my mind to.

Whenever I think of something I am always worried, and I keep track of what I am thinking, simply because it becomes true over time. After all, where I am right now is a byproduct of my thoughts. Thoughts are more powerful than people give them credit for.

I am so dramatically changing since my teenage days, and seems that dramatic change in my personality never stopped since than. Often times I believe I wake up as a completely new person, remember who I used to be a couple of years ago, and I can’t figure out that it is the same person.

However every day I feel closer to the things I’ve thought of my future when I was 16. Coincidence? Think not. My fulfillment comes from the deep belief in myself, that overwhelms all of my thoughts. When you so deeply and utterly believe in yourself, things start happening for you.

Often times I met people who aren’t believers in themselves and transfer this feeling that “you can’t” onto others. I believe that my arrogance helped me in this case, as I always thought of those people as poor souls unaware of the power we posses as human beings.

Protective of my ambition, however sometimes overconfident in my abilities, and being to open about myself is my main problem. These habits are hard to change, but if I did a lot of other things, than I can deal with this as well. At least when you are aware of your problems, you can deal with them. I am not untouchable, as I often feel (not think) I am.