After so many years of using Evernote, I finally made a move to switch. My favorite part about the last year was my move to open source technologies. A part of that was storing our own WebDav, and in doing so, my primary push was towards the text files that are syncing in open source fashion across all of my devices. This made me more platform agnostic. And as I moved to Ubuntu as the daily driver or a default operating system, I am finding myself more comfortable with text files than with Evernote, that makes me feel stuck.

Obsidian answered most of my issues that I had as a consequence of this new infrastructure, and did things in a format that made sense to me. In practical sense, it works just like my text notes. It is adding a better layer to text files, by adding internal note links. Internal note links that worked across devices was the main reason why I stuck with Evernote for so long. While Evernote didn’t have markdown, a html layer that helps content creators, it had these internal links that made a lot of sense. Now Evernote has a true alternative, and the best part is that it will be free for the most users.

On iOS I am using 1Writer, that is also a powerful text editor for content creators on iPhone, and it seamlessly syncs with my Obsidian. Obsidian mobile feels a bit too cluttered, and can sync only via iCloud or Obsidian sync, and neither of those support my Web Dav on my own cloud. Hence they are a no-go. Weird to what lenghts I would go to make my setup. I am not sure that this would work for many people, given how much fidgeting needs to happen, and the amount of work. But that is the price you have to pay when you want to have your data independence.

Obviously your setup will be easier than mine, especially if you are using premade solutions from the company providing the software. The most important aspect is that Obsidian is truly platform agnostic, has Ubuntu version, Mac and Windows as well, so it truly alows you to stop caring what your platform is. If you aren’t using Markdown, I am not sure how excited you will get about Obsidian, but definitively you could enjoy it through internal links alone. Download Obsidian here and try it out.