It’s been a while since the movie is out, but this post is for all of those people who haven’t seen it. It left a deep impression on me, that is in a way truly inspiring me to be a better person. Also love the hidden metaphors that represent political situation in the USA.
Christian Bale was amazing, the main evil guy even more so. Bane’s level of brutality I have never seen in a movie, it’s almost realistic. His sickness is apparent, and feels like he does what he does with a passion. His voice, mask and size redefined evil in action movies. His acting as well. This made the strongest impression on me.
Now, this is one of those rare movies that I don’t want to watch at home. If you want an ultimate reality escape for 2 and a half hours or so, this movie is a way to go about it.
In case you watched it, let me know what left the biggest impression on you?