Feels like one step closer to where I want to be. The first time I blogged was in 2006, and I remember all those snarky comments on anonymous blog that actually got me laid. Wondering why I am not as snarky and sarcastic as I used to be. Man all that intellectual negativity couldn’t be good for me, but I felt so damn smart. Was I really? Can’t really say, but I do know that criticizing felt so damn good, and gave some form of intellectual superiority. Was it fake? Can’t really say, but feel like right now, I am in a way healthier frame of mind.

Intellectual destructivism can only be good as long as you are rebel with a cause. Causes have changed, and I don’t feel that rebellious anymore. Does it mean that I am loosing my youthful idealism? Does it mean I am loosing my soul?

Not quite yet, as I still believe that there are numerous ways to re-ignite those feelings. That is where Alpha Efficiency kicks in. It is still the reason where I confront the normative of the mass manufactured mediocrity.

Instead of running idle minded rebellion for the rebellion sake, feels like I am starting a mental revolution, more than a rejection of the world. My revolution has a name, it has a domain and it has a newsletter. It has partners, readers and people who actively apply the strategies to resist the modern age slavery, and reclaiming childhood freedom.

Changing minds one word at the time

The only weapon I have in this structured rebellion, are my words and my understanding of the problems that me and my readers encounter. Connecting with the struggles of others, providing a helpful word of encouragement is exciting value proposition of one person that embarked the desire to change the lives of those that believe, that better life, life with purpose is possible.