Starting to treat my blog as a personal social network. Something I excerpt a lot of control over, unlike asocial networks, where I have 0 control.

What made it doable


Perhaps it’s finally doable, unlike before. I am having high hopes on Pressgram, that will turn my WordPress website into Instagram-like photo sharing website.

Byword Premium

The second app that is making entire of this process possible, either from phone or from laptop is Byword Premium. It is markdown powered text editor, that let’s me publish these posts, exactly the same way as I write them. Making a coherent environment, where I have 0 friction. This is actually the beauty of the whole process. Seamless, one click experience. No disparity between your thoughts and actions.

Poster for iPhone

This app is unfortunately not available anymore. But it is also tremendous help in blogging. It let’s me do the same thing as Byword, but it’s for a bit finer tuning, as it has support for images. This app got acquired by Automatic (the creator of WordPress), so we can expect some cool improvements on the default application, I would assume.

This is the old review, check it out here. You can still have it, if you have jailbroken iPhone. Poster for iOS review.

Final thoughts

This is how blogging should act and feel right. Everything straight from your working environment. Powered with markdown syntax.

When you get to the point where I am right now. Publishing content becomes literally your second nature. Luckily, now I have some time to catch a breath, relax, and hit publish. Finally.