Being mobile is huge advantage. The ability to publish on the go is becoming more and more important for the people with busy hectic lives!
Not only it saves time, it also makes new opportunities. This blog post wouldn’t come to life if it’s not for mobile technology.
I am trying to incorporate mobile to the fullest in my productity workflow. The more you use it, the better off you will be.
People who used computers for a while now, will always feel limited when they are using mobile devices, because of the freedom and flexibility that the computer offers. BUT, younger generations are catching up.
Some people are not going to indulge into personal computers at all. All they need from a computer can be acomplished on a mobile device. Shoot a video? Yes! Take a photo? Yes! Check mail/facebook/twitter? Yes!
Pretty much all the basics can be acomplished on a tablet, which makes it the ultimate consumer device. Consumers will also want to create content out of hobby so I am pretty sure that the mobile productivity culture will be on the rise.
Apart from the content publishing, iOS handles spreadsheets like a king (in Numbers). People who don’t have an alternative will find true value in mobile productivity tools.
I can tell you the content publishing speed via mobile device, is going way slower than it would go on a computer. But it is managable. You can get things done. Especially if you keep all of your data in some sort of sync.
Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes Match… Everything you own, readily available to you across the platforms. And let’s not forget my personal favorite Evernote!
All of these work on mobile platform. There is no excuse not to do your work. Your pocket device is always within your reach!