One of the big problems when you are a blogger is the fact that on a day when you don’t hit the publish button, you don’t truly feel accomplished. This is because it takes 6 to 8 hours to produce a professional blog article that will drive quality traffic and get shared.
However, as an author and an individual, rarely I get the chance to realize a fully written out blog post with an image that is produced. But I enjoy the feel of accomplishment that comes with a churned out blog post, something that is worth the self promotion, and is worth the attention of my readers. So I’ve decided to commit to writing short posts that might be a foundation for my future more detailed articles.

The Home Of Experimental Content

The content which I will co-create and slowly build up, might in fact start here. Designed for small readership of my content collaborators and devoted audience (hi dad, hi mom!). I will write on my favorite topics as it comes to my mind, and I will instantly share.

Don’t worry ! No research here !

I will be throwing only ideas over here. No facts, just topical stream of thoughts, as they happen. This is an experimental website after all!

Keeping the consistency

I want to devote 10 minutes every day for these short posts. Not sure how to keep up. I remember numerous times before how I’ve claimed that I will do “mobile blogging” daily, but that day never arrived. This time I do feel kinda different. Every day since I’ve got iPhone 6+, I’ve done a lot of actual writing completely on my mobile device.
Think that mobile reality is becoming even stronger, so I will be able to deliver some thought streams on daily basis.

Pleae for help

Hold me accountable. I’d love some encouragment. Writing ain’teasy! Especially when mostly done on your smartphone!