I wish I invested in one single social network! Being spread to thin, perhaps I am truly everywhere, but some social networks require more attention than others.

With mistakes comes wisdom

Now I could say I have a broad knowledge, but no true mastery over a single social network. What I did master though is being present everywhere. And I did learn how to effectively cross post, without being spammy. It’s a form of an art, and thanks to the services like IFTTT and Hootsuite, it’s an enjoyable thing to do so.

If I started right now, what would I do differently?

I’d invest all my time in more open social networks like Twitter and Google+ in terms of content availability and quazi-openness. While these networks have open access to their content, they certainly don’t have open API’s! But you are not a developer, you are a marketer. Hence it’s different for you. It’s just “open” enough so you can operate your business.