Making more money happens when you clean up all the irrelevant garbage out of your life. It doesn’t matter are you resting or working, you are contributing down to your bottom line. I’ve realized that any meddling into social issues and contemporary philosophies is pushing me further away from realizing my own potential.
Hence I am not worried about the outcome of the external things that I can’t influence. It’s all based in my mind, where I am going towards my goals. People who allow external circumstances influence their internal well being are moving further away from taking control over their own destinies. It’s plain simple philosophy.
If you take in consideration that your reality is based on your thoughts, that’s the kind of the reality that you project outwardly. Not sure what you’re spending most of the time thinking about, but I am damn sure that I will focus on spending more time on hitting that next level.
There aren’t many things you can control in your life, but you damn sure can control your own thoughts.