Just because you are not doing the task itself, doesn’t mean that you are absolved from learning how to do it on your own, no matter how menial or trivial it may originally seem. Keeping your intellect sharp, and tackling the task by hand is providing insight into growing a business.
Even the greatest “big picture” minds will yield enormous benefits from sweating the details of the day to day operations. Company is a living and breathing organism, consisting of numerous people, with their advantages and disadvantages, that are giving a certain personality to the organization.
Management needs to understand these unique perks of individuals that build their team. There is no better way of leveraging their skills, than by fully understanding the tasks at hand. The ultimate understanding from accomplishing a task comes from doing it yourself. Ultimate understanding increases the appreciation for your employees, as well as Challenges that they face. If you understand the issues that your employees face, than you are more mature leader.
Value added of engaged and mindful leadership is worth billions, embrace it, and lead your team to victory.