So I’ve got Alpha Efficiency, where I try to keep it more together, and I’ve got this little blog, that I will try to update kinda as my social media platform. However, as I am keeping things that spread out on Alpha, I feel relatively at ease publishing most things out there.
However, I don’t publish enough, so I want to concentrate my raw thoughts right here. On this blog you will see raw writing with zero edits. Just me and my thoughts. I have been pretty content with my writing lately, but I am not sure it manifested itself in the blogging results. That’s why I want to keep and increase activity momentum going.
And than there is Twitter, the ultimate time sink. This blog warrants me the highest visibility and engagement, but I don’t own it, nor I profit from it in a profound way. It can be a great information stream, if you organize it right. And I do think I do a pretty good job at it, but nevertheless think I should be reading and long(er) form writing. It is definitely a better mental practice, than just blasting out sarcastic thoughts into internet.
I am pretty confident (8 years of digital marketing experience confident) that if I give some more focus and attention to longer blog posts, and increase their frequency, Google, as well as other people will notice it.
Think that with blogging I am excerting more control over my own destiny, and hence I will keep it as a daily habit. Been nurturing this habit for a very long time, time to maximize it.