Purpose behind words

Striving to make a change with your words is exceptionally hard task, and you can only do so much. And I mean, you can’t control the power of your presence, but you can control the way your writing touches the hearts of millions, therefore everything I write, I will make myself as million people are reading it, and they might scrutinize my thoughts, or might just be awfully bad critics, but either way, I will stick to my path…

…And I will Start With A Different Kind Of Question

What is it that I want to accomplish with my text? Why are my thoughts important on this topic, what kind of difference will I make in this world. How will this text support my mission and purpose in life. Same can go for your work, and your other forms of art.

Making a difference, is the biggest accomplishment in our life. And in this era of numerous problems, the number of entrepreneurs and problem solvers is staggeringly low. Competition for greatness in pretty much every area of our lives is pretty low, it’s time to wake up, and move the core of our being, to get what we want, and not rely on the things we believe we deserve.