Oh, and let me get this out of the way up front: in some circles, the term “startup” is not used to describe a type of business, but rather the stage of development any given business is in (i.e. all businesses are a startup when they first begin). For this article, however, I am positioning “startup” as a type of business that does differ from a small business.
I am doing this because from my experience, there appears to be a difference in intent on the founders part. For instance, a founder launching a startup intends to grow her/his business as big and as fast as possible; whereas a founder of a small business intends to grow his/her business within particular limits that she/he is comfortable committing to.

Quote from Medium
This is completely bogus statement, as it implies that small business owners are not risk takers. Condescending attitude of someone living in Startupia, building businesses with money from gambling investors.
The main difference between a startup and a small business: Startups are built with money from someone else.
Let’s keep it real, shall we?