Wrote this piece back in 2018 just before I’ve quit my day job:
I am getting carried away by this idea that I can spend hours on end writing and creating content, until I get bored of it. Writing is engaging my mind differently, and unfortunately I am more geared towards consuming content than I am towards producing it. It is very unfortunate case, because if I were to change my mindset and focus on getting my content production efforts into an overdrive, I would be able to accomplish a work of 10 people all by myself.
What is stopping me besides myself? Why am I just not capable of sitting for an hour, returning my mind to the task, and not sweating it?
Writing in an of itself is like a form of meditation, as it forces the mind to return to the task at hand constantly.
I’ve seen people on the web create ungodly amounts of content, and in all probability I am one of those people that are finding all these things on the internet and than plowing through them on Twitter.
The reason why I am not writing more is because I haven’t trained my mind to do so. My mind is still in the mode of constantly flicking through Twitter and creating some funny content that is geared towards creation. I do not understand why I can’t blog as I used to do. Why did I increase the internal censorship of creating my content to a level where it is virtually impossible to produce anything for the public. And all these things take time, so why I am not having more fun blogging.

Blogging should be fun

One more problem that I feel that I am facing is not having enough fun or the right inspiration at the right time. When I am inspired I am having a blast, and I write long texts at the short periods of time. I write a lot of quality content as well, and in these bursts my inspiration is peaking.
Unfortunately for me, I don’t even posses an editorial calendar that I should stick to and follow.
There are these things that make sense on the internet, and they are fun, so I need to find a way to make them more natural.
I literally believe that if I didn’t have a job, that I would be killing it performance wise. I need to do this, I need to find my writing solace, quit my job, and dedicate myself to creating the best content that I can create. Personality needs to shine through and allow me to connect with the readers, who are decision makers.
Additionally, I think the fact that I do have a job is preventing me from publishing as many ideas as I have.

Seeing only the problems

Instead I need to reshape the way I think and move onto a new paradigm, a paradigm of being grateful that I even have the opportunity to create.