With the trans-continental move and all the chaos, I got a bit distracted from my work temporarily. But getting back in shape has never been easier. It is like gym, even when you fall out of the shape, getting back into the “game” isn’t that hard, when you are a seasoned pro.

This time there is a culmination of my knowledge, and knowing how to sell is critical part of making it or breaking it in a brave new marketing contaminated world.

Current works

I know I’ve spent some deal of time on making things happen in relation to this very blog. This time for the purpose of better branding, I am looking for a new domain for my content, yet it’s going to be on the same old WordPress. So it will require some redirecting.

With Alpha Efficiency I want to take the new course. Darren and I have been consistently publishing the articles, and to my dismay, I still don’t see visitor revenue from publishing. There is quite enough of the content, but the idea is to attract new readership. I am in quite healthy writing habit, despite all of the distractions, but I can’t seem to devote energy for anything except that.

Growth in mail subscriptions has rather been stagnant than exponential, as you would expect. So when something doesn’t work, it’s time to shift the gears.

Social media proved to be most cost effective way to reach new readership and acquiring new newsletter subscribers. I don’t see myself at this stage, as being nearly aggressive enough, as I could.


My motivation was poured into other life projects, and as consequence of that, my online gigs haven’t been growing to the fullest capacity. But that changes now, as I am sharp focused on what needs to be done.