For past couple of days I am consolidating my projects into streams and organizing them. Most of these projects are blogs of sorts, but I want to review them. Currently I am activly involved in 5 different projects:


  • Increasing Workplace productivity – I am investing most of my energy and passion into this project, it helps me fuse all other work, because it’s all about productivity
  • Brilliant Mind project – this is collaborated project with my coworkers, where we are trying to make websites that are content distributors and are doing that over Twitter, monetizing on affiliate and Adsense.
  • Disclosed company project – This project consumes a lot of my creative energy, because I am actively looking for solutions to project problems, unfortunately I am not disclosed to talk about it
  • Mrsavljenje – this is weight loss website, which functions really well. I hired a journalist to write articles for this blog and I am distributing it to our great fanbase on Facebook and increasing followers on Twitter. We are locating people who are interesting in weight loss and delivering proper information to them.
  • Racunari – I got hired to lead this project and it has really good start. The very name is native Serbian word for computer, so it’s highly customized for all IT words. I established great WordPress design along with social media integration.

It’s kinda hard to track all these different projects, but when you look at it, most of these projects have common tasks, who if carefully organized can still be achieved with a breeze, without wasting too much time. Mind mapping is essential tool that helped me with this issue, as I wrote in a popular article that I recently wrote here. I must confirm that usage of mind mapping is genuinely increasing my productivity and creativity.


I am satisfayed and diversification of my projects and their development. They are adding up value daily and accumulating part of the web which I am editing. Internet is awesome, simply put.