Most of people that are closer to me, know that I am working on an ebook about productivity. If you wanna know how's it going to look like, pay closer attention to PC Power User Series, I wouald really appreciate your feedback and that would greatly improve my work.

A couple of days ago I've bought Market Samurai in order to improve my keyword research and analysis for website trough which I will promote my work and try to monetize it. I will cover what I've done in my blog, so I hope anyone who reads it, will be able to learn from my experience. When I position myself for certain keywords, I will reveal them to the public and explain what I've done from the SEO perspective.

Beside SEO perspective and backlink strategy, which I will keep secret for the time being, here's the list of following tools:

1. Opt In list: Lists are most important thing in Internet Marketing. You will learn this the easy way or the hard way, but that's only actual data, that you can keep, regardless of what happens. It's your channel of communication that Google and Facebook will hate and primary reason why you can't push ads with links that push to Opt In list. Also I am going to add a bit of Social Media twit into it, and make Opt In list from Facebook login. For some people it's going to be easier, since they aren't actually leaving you any of their data, but they are allowing you to email them.

2. Social Media integration – field where I excel. It will consist of Facebook and Twitter integration. Like button, share buttons and Facebook commenting system for viral spreading of ideas. I will cover YouTube as well, and that will be one par of my social media strategy.

3. Blog commenting.

I will explain my SEO and Social Media Strategy and break them down in details when I start implementing them. Best advice which I can give to any newcomer is to create something that they are passionate about. Your product should be reflection of your passion and people can pick up on that energy even trough internet, no matter how abstract that may be, but that is the law of attraction at work.

Keyword research is critical part of any website creation, that information is helping your content creation process and your overall web visibility. SEO became harder, but luckily you have social networks that can help you drive traffic to your website while you don't hit the #1 spot.

I am excited about this and doubtfull, because I never actually made it to #1 place for competitive niche, but that makes it a good challenge and good source of motivation.