For years I’ve tried not to fall in the trap of creating content for contents sake, but I’m a human being and sometimes, hitting my own imaginary content quota was more important than producing meaningful work that will intrigue other readers and create more value.

I’ve Opted In To Write Less, Yet Thought Provoking

I’d either write something that would blow you through the socks, or I wouldn’t bother writting at all. The last thing that world needs is yet another “top 10 blog list”. Reminding myself how critical it is to produce genuine value, diminished my desire to create garbage content for contents sake. Ultimately, this transformed me into a more sensible publisher that makes a difference.

How To Create Awesome Content?

Great content is a consequence of deep thinking. Every time I’ve produced something that was attention worthy, it was prepared through careful contemplation on the topic. Not only would I do the research, I’d also try to observe the topic at hand from at least three different angles, forcing my mind to come with a completely new poi t of view, that would lead to a breakthrough.
The problem with this type of content creation is that it takes much more energy than usual content grind. It actually takes work.