Pretty impressed that iPhone 5S is coming with 64-bit computing integrated within itself, that is impressive in an of itself. The chip inside of it is called A7 and as mentioned is 64-bit.
iPhone 5 comment
They claim it is twice as fast. While I don’t buy it, I pretty sure like the fact that it is coming around quite nicely in terms of infrastructure. Wondering what will it do for the battery life. The people who will mostly notice this difference will be gamers.
Seems like they will do a demo of some high end game, which usually comes with new hardware announcement. Think that fusion between Apple TV and iOS devices will make a new breakthrough in terms of gaming platforms. Ofcourse Infinity Blade 3 is being demo-ed. And I know you will buy one, if you get this phone. These guys always get free advertisements from Apple.
Visually new iPhone is quite gorgeous, looks elegant as 5, but with more curves I’d say

iPhone 5 photos

  • 10 hours LTE browsing, 40 hours music playback.
  • 10 hours 3G talk time, 250 hours standby.
  • The new camera has a 5-element Apple designed lens with f/2.2 aperture.

For the pricing, it’s same old model

  • 199$ 16gb
  • 299 32gb
  • 399$ 64gb