Over the course of years having iPad, I’ve discovered that it simply wasn’t my primary device. While 90% of my computer usage would lean in desktop’s and iPhone’s direction, iPad would get those 10% of productivity time. Granted I was never a big believer of iPad productivity outside of the realm of being the ultimate writing machine on the go.
I would say that iPad allowed me to create blog posts in instances where I wouldn’t be able to access my laptop, and phone would be too painful of an experience for longer form writing.
Prior to iPad Air 2, I’d argue that Apple’s tablet didn’t have sufficient computing power, and it felt like oversized phone. As technology was evolving, and additional space was also holding additional computing capabilities. There were a couple of instances where I forgot to bring my laptop and tried to completely replace it by utilizing the iPad, and for my day to day management work it didn’t feel as it was that big of a deal.
At this point I knew that iPad as a product line is reaching its maturity point, as we can see with Adobe creating a full fledged photoshop version for this tablet. This momentum is pushing me to reconsider downgrading my iPhone usage to a lower level, and keep on building the iPad momentum.
The next step of iPad evolution should be its connection to a big monitor and a mouse. I feel that this will come first in jailbreaking community, where some power users won’t compromise anymore between desktop and tablet experience. This move will be forced onto Apple by other tablet manufacturers. Mobile computing power is reaching desktop levels, and we will see the overall productivity improvements.