Lately I am watching couple of Internet Marketing Gurus like Eban Pagan, Timothy Ferris, Neil Strauss… All of these guys are doing awesome job of marketing their own products based on triggering emotions of their potential prospects. So after 10 months of gathering technical knowledge on how to drive traffic and how to function on the web, I finally got down to the bottom line of communicating effectively. I guess I will read up on effective books on communication.

Emotional triggers seem to be the sweet spot, where money comes from. Pacing and leading people and getting them the results they want seems to do the trick. I won't be to much egotistical about it, just lay down to work. Now I am going to sound politically correct, but if motivation is the seller, there has to be some value included into all of these product in order not to feel bad about selling thin air, because Internet marketing seems to be exactly that.