The Way I’ve Enjoyed This Day

Spent quite some time writing today, and I feel content and happy. That is the feeling that I want to have every day.

Instead of writing mindless social media posts, I feel the joy of seamlessly publishing my articles through Byword, and meticulously (I’ll so abuse this word these days, ha) controlling the user experience, while enjoying some awesome music on iTunes Radio.

Thoughts On Instant gratification

That is the ultimate reason why we get so addicted to social media, it is giving us instant gratification and false sense of accomplishment. Perhaps this blog post is the similar thing, but that instant achievement is the reason why we are so motivated and inclined to publish, post and create.

But in the real world, instant gratification is a killer, it doesn’t let us focus on the longer work, and writing a rapid blog post, feels like a way higher level, than publishing a Tweet.

Blog vs Tweet

In my book Tweet is really worthless, as it echoes in a echo chamber, bundled with thousands of other thoughts, and has no true value and meaning. Some people take pride in their tweets, but quite frankly, I don’t see anything miraculous in 140 characters. Another reason why I don’t attach a lot of meaning and value to social networks lately, and decided to take a social media detox.