Don’t feel comfortable with all the grammar mistakes I make. That is leaving me in this uncomfortable zone of not publishing enough. But I hate editing, and I hate it with the passion. But it just makes me feel like an idiot, when I see substandard sentence of my work. Somehow the better I get, The less comfortable I feel with my knowledge of English.

My confidence was peaking when I’ve just started writing, but now, it’s on the decline, as I know way more. When I read my articles from three years ago, I really feel embarrassed, to the CORE. Honestly feel afraid of going through my previous work.

Thank God there are people out there who are kind enough to guide me, like Darren. He helped me differentiate it’s and its. And it’s quite possible that some sentences still get these mistakes come through. But this shouldn’t stop me, it should empower me to move forward, and get where I ultimately want to be. On the level, where my ideas are infiltrating minds, like double spies penetrate enemy ranks.