Ditching social media as my main channel of communication made me streamline my writing efforts. Now when I want to say something, I make sure to put the whole message across, instead of doing it half-ass, in a single 140 character effort

Social media is filled with instant-gratification

Blogging on the other hand requires more than just two seconds, it requires thought, articulation and formulation of thoughts. Luckily blogging on iPhone became possible with the advent of markdown, Byword publishing and Pressgram.

When you know that social media is entrapping your work, no matter how small and meaningful it might be, you realize that it’s more important building your own business, than selling off your snippets to nameless corporations.

The big lesson I’ve learned

I’ve realized I can write anywhere, anytime and about ANYTHING! All I need is a constant flow of articles to my RSS Reader, powered by Feedly (for all the douchebags that wan’t to know what I am using for article readers). There is no excuse for not writing, there is just this reality of constant creation and game of numbers. Math is your friend!

Welcome to my House

Perhaps I am writing a few more words than I usually would, but I am writing them while building my own personal platform, while gathering backlinks and takings over the control over user experience. I pull YOU, My Reader, into the realm where I control your behavior. I make the experience new and authentic, so you remember me with ease. So it’s not just some random guy from Facebook, Twitter or Google+, where everybody gets the same treatment, where everybody has the exact same copy of the exact same format as seen on every single other profile. Having the simplest and blank faced blog is very different, even when it has nothing fancy on it, as Bojan.tv doesn’t.

Treating blog as social media (and me being compulsive abuser of it), made this change completely worthy. I feel significantly, EVERY time I hit PUBLISH!