My transition into the digital realm started 5 years ago, and ever since I can say that this new world I’ve began to inhabit with endless other immigrants is just a first wave. Right now, some of us found countries, cities and houses, but this is just the beginning.

We have around 2 billion people connected on the web, but not all of them inhabit a digital world, in a way, us, digital natives do. The upcoming generations of workforce are born into this digital reality, and they are establishing their own homes on the proprietary fields of cyberspace. Their lives are being built on the foundation of the old web.

But I want to raise an open source youth, a peer to peer individuals that sets up their own homes, and builds their own little networks that create a distributed environment of cyberspace, instead of proprietary matrix that locks everybody in.

In order to achieve this endeavor, I need to promote digital entrepreneurialism as well as independent digital imperialism. This open source network will be on the rise, and will rebel against the proprietary fields of digital corporate cartel that smothers talent and puts caps and limits on the wealth creation that we all should enjoy.

There is a war on the freedom of the web, it’s your right and duty to secure those blessings of liberties to yourselves, and your prosperity. Or you will wake up a slave, in the world you once knew was free.