In my career as a blogger, I’ve managed to create this reality where writing is difficult and a chore. I kept telling myself that if I had more time, I would be writing more. But it’s all a lie. I think I write often enough, but I always find excuses not to write more and supplement the real writing for short-form tweeting.
If I am really serious about something, I know that I will find a way to fanatically do it. No matter the circumstances. Writing is not as rewarding as other forms of digital instant gratification, yet it requires much more intellectual effort. The end product of writing can be a book, an article or something more rewarding.
The bottom line of this thought process is that I shouldn’t worry to much about finding the time to write, or imagining a world where my only job and dedication would be going towards my content platforms. My goal should be enjoying this process of creating art, Un-encumbered with the paralysis of expectations.