The devotion of the people defending Obama doesn’t stop to astonish me. This passion fueled excitment and defensive against the critique is something that I have never seen during my life time. But I’ve heard it, during the dark time of last century that made countless millions of people in permanent sorrow.
While I don’t believe it will repeat, I do know that if we don’t act now, we will have to learn that freedom doesn’t come free. It starts small, with regulations like Patriots Act, but instead of stopping it grows into NDAA. Than goverment starts giving, giving endlessly… And people when they get, they always want more. But we ultimately pay the price. Becoming dependent on the government is not a bad thing if it came free, but  the price we pay comes in freedom.
And I don’t understand people who would revote Barrack. I honestly don’t. Bush era, no matter how much I disliked Bush seems like sweet freedom. No I haven’t lived in the USA at all, but I have friends and relatives  who are there. And all I hear is complaining, ever since Barrack stepped into the office. But that’s not the scariest moment. The scariest moment is that in the time of big crisis, our government size increases. And I am dead terrified of big governments. Ever since I’ve read Orwell’s 1984, I have a bitter taste whenever I see government increasing in size.
It’s logical that goverment will get big, as poppulation increases, but big goverment means big control. And it’s frightening. If you haven’t read 1984 I urge you to do it. It’s a must read for any academically educated person. And this government just keeps getting bigger. Big = scary. The bigger the scarier. And it’s killing the free market. More people working with the government no growth job, state dependent. I don’t understand how people don’t realize that dependency is slavery. I grew up in a country without too much opportunities, socialist country. And I grew up on American dream fed up to me through the movies.
Deep inside of my core I know that I don’t need government to make it. This government that lead my life for past 26 years, quasi-democrat, communist, socialist… They’ve all came and gone. Leaving bitter taste of dependancy. It’s awful to vote out of necessity. Necessity to change something. I am not quite sure that people in USA realize the kind of threat they are facing.
In my country we always ridiculed American education system. Especially Geography part. And now we have a game at play. Uneducated people, who were never raised to think, filled with expectations. And now there is a messenger of hope. A hope that you will never have to move your ass off until the rest of your life, you just need to keep your mouth shut.
My immigration to USA is a hope that there are people who have enough dignity to stand up for themselves and make it. People who weren’t afraid of moving to another continent in pursuit of their own happiness. Same way I am in a pursuit of my own. I still believe in that, but am I wrong?