Harsh comments. Everyone will receive them from time to time. Here’s how you can diminish their damaging effect and learn how to deal with them.

I was pleased to receive negative feedback about one of my posts here on LinkedIn. I poured my heart and soul into creating this piece, but one of my larger influencer connections, a loose tie with a vast account, did not appreciate the post.

The nature of the comment was quite toxic, and without diving too deep into the topic, feedback came out as calling me a hypocrite, someone that doesn’t practice what I preach, and told me to stop trying, that I’ll never make it, that I am an imposter, and that people are laughing at me.

Without knowing my communities elsewhere, the people surrounding me, or the many clients I have helped. He diminished my efforts and got
offended by the post. While the feedback could have been framed much healthier and more productive, he advised me to cease posting.

Most people that put themselves out there will have a hard time dealing with harsh criticism, especially in their early phases of building their online presence. As a person with a lot of empathy, I can only understand what kind of emotional ramifications a post like that may have on people starting their journey online. Be a force for good instead of providing positive feedback.

Building your persona out there in public and sharing your aspirations and dreams with your connections is challenging in and of itself. We all need support.

Serbian community would like to call that “tough love,” but not many great things come from sharing “tough love” with strangers you see on the internet. Looking back at this, I am grateful that these comments did not happen to me earlier. When I was younger, I was more fragile and thin-skinned. It could have averted me from trying.

But one thing is a result of this cynical commentary, pushing me to work harder, smarter, and become more impactful. Difficult comments can serve as a reminder that our reach is expanding. While not everyone will be our friend along the way, they are a surefire signal that you are gaining visibility and traction and that you should not stop producing.

Thus when you see someone giving their best on building themselves up, provide some words of encouragement instead of criticism. A person struggling and working towards a better dream will remember it, appreciate it, and have positive reinforcement for their personal growth.

We will never know who is the person on the other side of the screen. Stay true to remaining a positive and empathetic force on the internet, and many will remember you for the support you gave them.