Culture is a determining quality of our lives, and even the most resilient of them are fragile. Deep, sensible cultures, if undermined, can be brought to their knees within two or three generations. Just take a look at the massive cultural desctruction that happened between the baby boomers and Millennials, and you will know what I am talking about. The horrendous poor work ethics of millennial are a consequence of liberal upbringing of their parents and terrible education system, that treated children like precious little snowflakes, while they are anything but.
The decline in the value system is unquestionable, and as such warrants for the more careful inspection on why the system failed the younger generations In the first place.
When the cuture is strong, it is a duty to preserve it, keep it front and center. The bastions of proper culture building lies in the good early education. The nation without strong and disciplined upbringing, will suffer a steep decline, and quickly.
Following the good discipline at home, the good discipline at workplace, in the academia and in all the public places. Culture and group value are things that are derived from what society rewards. Rewarding failure breeds more failure. Rewarding success creates amazing society.