So called “PC climate” has successfully killed the intellectual narrative in USA. When emotions prevail over crude critical intelectualism, there is no sane dialogue that can take place. America is suffering an internal communication problem.
Living and residing in US, I observe a common trait that Americans share: loneliness. This disease is perpetually reinforced through out most facets of the lives of American people. We already don’t communicate enough, and we further divide by focusing on the differences instead of common points.
The nation and a country that has an internal identity struggle is not set for success. As long as we observe each other as us vs them, we will not be at our fullest capacity as a Republic.
If your right to speak your mind is ostercized without the argumentation, and criticized as a felony, it incriminates all of the speech. Therefore, personal feelings need to fall behind the constitutional rights that need to be secured by the government. Freedom of speech needs to be absolute. If we measure it, limit it and obstruct it, we are reaching a point of self-censorship. Censorship is not freedom. Allow everyone to say what they want, ans challange them in the intellectual debate.
Arguments and Facts over empty words. That is freedom of thought. Don’t be a slave to political correctness.