Twitter like behavior of interconnected reality literally became an extension of my brain. It requires streamed thinking as well as reacting in the moment. This way you can extract value from it, and in the meanwhile you get exposed to the ideas of other people. Twitter as an extension of my reality helped me establish powerful business connections, as well as friendships. My life has changed because of it.

The similar goes for its “younger brother” The opportunity to express your thought, and tap into what others are thinking and doing is amazing. Creating an “Open web platform” where people can communicate without limits. This is transforming the way we communicate and observe the world around us.

Twitter is jut a paradigm, one that will be used on other future even better social networks. But it’s a paradigm that lacks numerous contexts that need to be tackled, like: geo-location, topic, empathy….

These contextual channels are currently populated by spam bots. Until Twitter cleans things up from the barrage of mindless updates, its viability will always be diminished.