Looking at the past, I can say that inconsistency was expensive. I always return to my original goals of writing and actually doing the work of managing websites and accounts to drive the results. While having other people do the work for you, I am still a firm believer that I can achieve a lot simply by applying myself. And not just me, many other people are capable of this too.

One of the pitfalls, when you are running your business, is that you start to lean on other people so much, that you tend to stop executing altogether. It is only natural, because your time is valuable, and it is better that you spend this time managing others, instead of doing anything yourself. But I’ve started my business on my own, and I can still very well remember the days when I was doing all of the work. And by all of the work, I mean actually applying for gigs, sending cold emails, writing blog posts, and manually creating content for my own social media platforms. All of this is blood work.

I never had investors pour funds into my business, I didn’t have my parents support me with their basement while I was building. I was building in extreme conditions, while I was moving to another continent. Somewhere in 2019, I started a team from scratch, and I kept my focus on sales. It became somewhat predictable to expect sales on a monthly level. But there are two things that I am disappointed in, lack of consistency in daily work output and lack of consistency in working out. Everything I’ve earned in my life, I’ve earned through sweat, one way or another. Nothing was handed to me.

Discipline and consistency are the only two things that you simply can not outsource, and they produce the utmost results for everyone. Getting better at coding, copywriting, ads management, and design… these skills are the foundation of who you are. I am going down really hard on myself for not cultivating these skills all along, or circling through them. While hiring people to do things instead of you, holds a lot of value, being self-sufficient really helps you go even futher. While I’ve learned some skills that were very hard to exchange, like system administration, DevOps, I didn’t stay consistent with skills such as copywriting, coding, and SEO.

Coming back to work mode, means that I am building up my mind and my skills. I like to move through the bottom level of tasks, all the way to the top. Imagine if you in one-day practice writing, coding, copywriting, creating social media posts, and train your mind to switch through the hats, while activating all different parts of your cortex in the process. If I’ve stayed consistent with all these skills, while retaining good health through working out, my personal output would be a game-changer for my own company, as well as for myself. But as of now, I am not living up to these self-imposed limitations, until today.

Today I’ve been creating social media content, studying, writing this blog post, kept coding, planning, working out and playing around with server-side settings on my hosting, while keeping all-around productive on a Saturday. Actual, actual work is something I rather enjoy doing, and keeping the time in front of the desktop is what is keeping me the most productive I will ever be. The more time I spend at the desktop, the more I produce, it is that simple. And if I stayed consistent for all these years? God knows how infinite I’d be today.