People who are looking for comission based work in the states disgust me in a way. In this country where health care insurance is so high, you are literally wasting that persons life, especially if God forbid that person gets sick in the process. And that is something we can’t predict.

No employment means no health coverage. Comission work doesn’t offer that. Multi Level Marketing is thus a scam industry in a way. They are singing praises of residual income, but the bottom line it’s a no value business. It can be a nice hobby, but it will never workout to become a business if it’s treated like a hobby.

My time and expertise cost money, when we start working there is certainly no trust that you as the partner in business will live up to your word, hence comission work is definitively not suitable for someone who is working as an internet marketer, where demand for our services is high and competitive.

FeelS like I’ve wasted 25 minutes of my time listening to a shitty sales pitch from a person that has no clue about business, on top of it claiming how Google Adwords doesn’t work. Maybe your business just sucks?