The hipster music is giving a certain Zeitgeist to our generation. It is almost like a silent rebelion against the mess that our parents left us. And this prolongued rebelion went way into our adult days. But this mess wasn’t financial, because we were brought into materialistic abundance, and spiritual poverty.
But the spiritually impoverished generation didn’t have a cultural guide, aside from MTV, and all things mainstream. The rebellion against artificial mainstream culture has been so fierce, that it actually became mainstream.
The biggest contribution coming from Hipster culture is a succesfull attack on conglomeration of corporate culture. This culture started to feed of itself, and this kind of an organized rebelion against the crap that has been shoved down our throats. Rise against the collectivism, the rebirth of the American individualism.
Results of this victory are most visible in the music. But somehow, some companies like Starbucks, took this musical background, and brought it to a whole new level, by incoroparting it as a part of their identity. Bringing the “hipsterism” closer to the masses, and pushing it to the new heights.
However, somewhere along the lines, by winning the war against the commercializaion, the Hipster movement itself became mainstream. Its duplication of clothing styles, created the hordes of people that dress the same, and get the tattoos that “look the same”.
However, this victory was very important, because all the Rihanna’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world just aren’t cool anymore. And if it takes a few distatestful tattoos here and there, dear God it was worth it!