Miss Kittin and Felix The Housecat were one of the first performers that got me engaged in electronic music. Ever since I’ve heard the Madame Hollywood from Miss Kittin, I’ve been lured and seduced into the sounds of Electro. It has not been up till when I was 17 that I fully embraced this kind of music by the influence of the people who were 5 years my senior.
It was also a part of me hanging out with the older crowd.
I’ve been listening to Felix on the Exit festival, and seen Miss Kittin live playing techno in Sava Center, Belgrade.
Influence of my parents always was that electronic music didn’t have artistical value. And even I believed it. But I still keep listening to Electronic music, and not only it defined my music taste, it also defined my life. It left a mark and carries a lot of memories, hence it means that it will keep on living, and that it’s going to be epic, the same way rock music was epic and monumental to my generation.
You may think different, but only time will tell.