Seems that every publisher on the internet and their grandma is on the lookout for the next great headline, but not the next great content.
What is the purpose of you attracting the visitors, if you are not going to keep them. What is the purpose of promoting your website, only to chase people away.
I believe that the mass readership is jumping the boat with these headlines, and that people are just being turned off, by the next “Fastest way to grow money on trees” kind of articles.
Passion and creativity comes from originality, and seems that mass publishing power, didn’t allow people to become massively creative. And than people wonder, why only the few get the attention, and why the rest of publishers, bite the dust.
Start to wonder, with every word that you write, are you unique enough, for your voice to be heard. Are you worthy enough to be heard. It may sound cruel, but if your audience is slim to none, it is because you aren’t contributing enough!