When you don’t have this artificial psychological barrier to make your best content for SEO, the rest of the natural content just flows. I stopped blogging inside of the Evernote, and other tools. I just write inside of the WordPress publisher and go straight to pushing ideas live, instead of coddling them. The whole point of this is to have a way better connection with audience, and provide value that stems out of sharing my  thoughts, and there are plenty of them.

The fact that this writing is way less filtered than it was before, is warranting for more opportunities to connect. You can’t do this when you have a strong inner critic. It is just not feasible. The quantity of writing doesn’t matter, what matters is that filter is set to zero, and I am not overly concerned what will anyone think, especially not Google. This way I can get the best ideas out quickly.

My writing is either happening in the browser, or in Mars Edit, an app I extensively covered in the past on Alpha Efficiency. And that’s a good thing. The thought to production process is shortened to the absolute bare minimum. The same goes for mobile as well. It is relatively easy to jot these thoughts down, and release them on the world. I am starting to have respect for that capability. It is basically connecting with the meta verse, beyond just social media platforms or blockchains. And portability of these databases is leaving me breathless. God, I am in love with the internet.