Amasing organic visibility is fun. My mischievous behavior on Twitter is well known, and not many people understand that I am often finding exaggerated claims or state things that obviously aren’t true.
Since Twitter Algorithm updates I got used to not being able to go viral, but this latest instance quite surprised me.

Mentioned tweet amased 650 retweets in the time of writing. This reminded me of old days where I was taking Twitter by the storm. Wouldn’t be the first nor the last time this happened. While you can pay small amounts of money to gain this kind of exposure, it is still a great feeling when you earn it organically, as it recognizes a certain skill in remixing and playing around with content that gets shared online.

Low Critical Thinking Activity While People Flick Through The Feed

Additionally, I am noticing that people still have very low bar on Twitter and other social media platforms for distinguishing the fact from fiction. People are trying to distract themselves, and just want to have fun, forgetting that internet is not always what it seems…
Feed is the place where our brains are going to seek novelty and dopamine. In doing so, coupled with fatigue, you need to be extra vigilant when processing information, in order not to get outraged to satire and false information. Stay safe out there!